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Farming Simulator 2013 Lets Play Video

Farming Simulator 2013, the #1 farming simulation game is the forth in the series and with an ever increasing loyal fan base, it surely deserves a mention on Let’s Play DB. When I was first searching for a quality Let’s Play Video for this game I thought I would watch the first few videos, make sure the Let’s Player is good, then put it on the site… I’m now on episode 16 and I plan to continue watching the full Let’s Play though to the end (not sure how long that’ll take). There is something oddly addictive about watching this game play out and Stockoglaws does an excellent job of commentating it. Anyway take a look and see what you think.


Sims 3 Supernatural Lets Play Video

Happy Halloween folks. If like me your too old to trick or treat and too socially awkward to be invited to any parties, don’t worry you can still have a spooky night in with – Let’s Play The Sims 3 Supernatural. This is the latest expansion pack to come out for Sims 3 and looks quite interesting with new playable supernatural characters. The thing I like about watching Sims 3 LP’s is the enthusiasm of Sims 3 fans and AndrewArcade does not let me down with his continuing adventures in Moonlight Falls. Enjoy your Halloween night.


Civilization V Gods and Kings Lets Play Video

Another Civilization Lets Play for you, this time with the latest excellent expansion Gods & Kings. Watch Cheeseball1171 play a Huge Earth map as he contests against 12 civilizations.  This Let’s Play is still running and updated daily. I try not to post incomplete Let’s Plays but anyone who has played Civ 5 on a huge map will know how long it’ll take to complete and nobody can watch a full Civ LP in one sitting.  He’s got a 12 video head start, so tune in and see him “try to grow my Civilization into a huge Empire twice the size of the actual Romans and twice as strong”.  His words not mine… He’s thrown down the gauntlet.. Time will tell.


ANNO 2070 Lets Play

I’ve been a fan of the Anno series since Anno 1602 and with a love historical strategy games I was a little skeptical when I heard that the latest game in the series would be based in the future. Having now actually played the game I really had nothing to worry about. Anno 2070 takes me back to games like K240 and the even earlier Utopia, with the objective being to create the perfect living conditions for your colonists. One thing I’ve learnt is to always trust a German when it comes to PC gaming, they sure know their PC games. So take a look at – Let’s Play Anno 2070 Campaign by Docm77 where the German Let’s Player covers the full campaign in English, over 45 excellent 20 minute videos.  (more…)

Monkey Island Let's Play Video

I have now decided that Fridays should now be devoted to classic games, which I personally find make for a better Let’s Play than most new games. Some may argue that The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is not a classic game due to it being a remake and released in 2009 but I thought with the stunning new visuals it makes for a better Let’s Play than the original and if you still can’t get over that, Necroscope has also covered the original here so – Let’s Play The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition by Necroscope86. Monkey Island is one of my all time favourite games and is worth checking out for the intro music alone. “Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!” Classic.

Shogun 2: Total War Let's Play Video

Hello LP fans, by now you can probably see a theme emerging from the LP’s which i’m putting on the site, yes I love my strategy games and what kind of strategy fan would I be without including a Let’s Play from the Total War series - Let’s Play Shogun 2: Total War by DiplexHeated.  DiplexHeated covers the campaign in a 63 video LP with some great moments in the final move on Kyoto as he uses his siege weapons to crush the enemy. For those who don’t want to watch the full playlist but want to see the awesomeness of this game just watch the final 7 videos.


Lets Play Spelunky video

I love seeing indie games become popular which is why I feel its my duty to post a few indie games on the Let’s Play Database. So here we have it – Let’s Play Spelunky by Kikoskia. For those who haven’t heard of Spelunky it’s a indie action adventure game created by Derek Yu, released as freeware for the PC. I personally find this game more fun to watch than play, its far too frustrating a game for me. This is the first Let’s Play I’ve seen by Kikoskia, after being duly impressed by watching the first few parts of this Let’s Play, i’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more of his LP’s. Funny guy. Sounds like Matt Berry. (more…)

Worms Revolution Lets Play Video

It’s been a long wait for fans of the Worms series for a game worthy to take the crown from Worms Armageddon but it appears that this time has now come about. Here we have it – Let’s Play Worms Revolution by MrWoodenSheep. I like the enthusiastic, excitable approach MrWoodenSheep has to his Lets Plays which is why I chose this video for the first Worms Revolution Let’s Play to be included in the Let’s Play Video Database. It’s a fairly new game so there are not many completed Let’s Plays out there, but MrWoodenSheep is continuing to add new videos to the playlist so keep tuning in to see the conclusion. (more…)

Lets Play SimCity 4 Video

With the excitiment of the upcoming SimCity I thought it was only appropriate to add a SimCity Let’s Play, so here we have it – Let’s Play SimCity 4 by Dwyrin. I’m not familiar with Dwyrin’s work but it looks from his video list that he favours the city building genre and having watched this Let’s Play he really knows his stuff. Let his hypnotist style voice entertain and teach as he builds his city from the ground up starting with an empty region and ending with a multi-city metropolis. I love the SimCity series and have played since the early 90′s so I know the game well, even so I learnt a few good tips from watching this Let’s Play so whether your new to the series or a SimCity veteran this Let’s Play is well worth a watch.


Alpha Centauri Lets Play Video

LetsPlayDB is not just about bringing you Let’s Plays of the latest games but also here to transport you back in time for a little nostalgia.. So here’s your first dose of nostalgia – 10 cc’s of Alpha Centauri, brought to you by Necroscope86. Listen to the lull of Necroscopes Northern English accent whilst following his progress through a short but entertaining Let’s Play on one of the classic Sid Meier games of the 90′s. With Alpha Centauri being a turn-based strategy it can be hard to find a short Let’s Play but this one is and will give a little taster to those players who have never played this classic game and provide entertainment to all in an excellent Let’s Play which ends on a somewhat somber note. Were all doomed! (more…)